Lagoon Theater to screen Fellini's Amarcord

Enthusiastic review in the Star Tribune (Minneapolis) for a screening of Amarcord:

Federico Fellini's films beg to be seen on a movie screen. Their panoramic, overstuffed frames and larger-than-life characters overflow the boundaries of home theater; their exuberant, generous humor is best enjoyed in a packed auditorium rippling with laughter. So three cheers for the re-release of "Amarcord" (★★★★, unrated, in subtitled Italian) the maestro's farcical, vulgar, wistful recollection of adolescence in wartime... "Amarcord" was the 1974 Best Foreign Film; it remains as striking as a peacock in the snow. (Lagoon Cinema, 1320 Lagoon Av., Mpls.)
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