Finding Fellini in Rome

Nice article about Fellini's Rome and where you can still find traces of it or the current equivalent:

But it also helps to be looking through the proper lens--to notice, for instance, that those would-be flaneurs outside trendy Bar del Fico (Piazza del Fico, 26;, their heads turning in unison every time a pretty girl walks by, are straight out of "I Vitelloni," the director's pivotal portrait of frustrated, provincial 20-something men.

Sometimes Fellini's Rome and Felliniesque Rome live in close proximity. The apartment that Federico and Giulietta shared (Via Margutta, 110) is on a small, charming street where Truman Capote once lived and Puccini composed. There's not much to see except a plaque on the building with caricatures of the pair and a commemorative poem in Roman dialect. But notice the number on the door of the palazzo: above the 110, it says "Già 113"--formerly 113--a very Felliniesque address.

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