Battle rages over Fellini's legacy

Quite a messy story being reported in several outlets about Fellini's niece and his foundation:

Federico Fellini, revered in Italy as a cine matic great and cited abroad as a key influence on Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen, is at the centre of a row in his home town of Rimini.

Celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the director's birth have been marred by a battle over his legacy between his niece and the foundation set up in his name to promote such classics as La Dolce Vita.

Francesca Fabbri Fellini, the daughter of Fellini's sister, has stormed off the board of the foundation, claiming that she was frozen out and has taken with her Fellini's personal library and his collection of Oscars.

A tale of money, blood ties and show business, the battle of Rimini has upstaged the opening in Italy of Nine, the musical film starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Nicole Kidman inspired by Fellini's 1963 masterpiece 8½.

Despite rumours in Rimini that she craved the limelight at the foundation, Fabbri Fellini said the truth was she has been snubbed. "When the Fellini Prize was awarded to Sidney Lumet in November, no one bothered to introduce me to the American director," she told the Italian newspaper Il Resto Del Carlino. "I had to chase him down the corridor of the Grand Hotel in Rimini at the end of the evening to meet him."

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