Variety Lights - Luci del varietà

fellini-luci-del-varieta.jpgVariety Lights (Italian: Luci del varietà) is a 1950 Italian film directed and produced by Federico Fellini and Alberto Lattuada.

The film launched Fellini's directorial career, but was a collaboration (in production, direction, and screenwriting) with Alberto Lattuada. Up until that time, Fellini had been primarily a screenwriter (most notably working on Roberto Rossellini's Rome, Open City), while Lattuada was already an established and respected director of neorealist films and literary adaptations.

Variety Lights is a bittersweet drama about a group of second-rate theatrical performers on tour. The actors, dancers, and performers struggle to make money from town to town, playing to minimal crowds, while the ageing manager of the company falls in love with a newcomer, to the chagrin of his faithful mistress, played by Fellini's real-life wife, Giulietta Masina.

Below (incredibly and I am sure in violation of copyright) is the whole film on YouTube:

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