Spirits of the Dead

fellini-spirits-of-the-dead.jpgSpirits of the Dead (1967) allows three famous directors including Fellini to each give their vision to an Edgar Allen Poe short story. "Toby Dammit" is an alcoholic English actor in Rome who is more interested in what will be given to him by the producers than filming the Italian western for which he was hired.


Fernando RivoliAlberto Sordi
Wanda Cavalli Brunella Bovo
Ivan Cavalli Leopoldo Trieste
CabiriaGiulietta Masina


DirectorFederico Fellini
ScreenplayFederico Fellini and Tullio Pinelli
with the collaboration ofEnnio Flaiano
From an idea byMichelangelo Antonioni
CinematographyArturo Gallea
EditingRolando Benedetti
MusicNino Rota

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